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      C&D Logistics Wins Two Awards at the Global Sourcing Expo with its Supply Chain Innovation

      Date: 2020-11-20 | Source:C&D Inc.

      The 11th Global Purchasing (Wuhan) Forum and Purchasing Expo hosted by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing was grandly opened on November 19, 2020.

      As a grand event in the supply chain industry held in the heroic city of Wuhan after the epidemic, this conference attracted the active participation of many heavyweight experts, scholars and industry representatives in the industry. A number of important awards were announced at the meeting. Among them, C&D Logistics Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of C&D Inc., won two awards, namely “2020 Excellent Procurement Case” and “2020 Excellent Procurement Service Provider” for its high-quality supply chain services.

      On the forum, Mr. Zhuang Yu’an, Executive General Manager of C&D Logistics presented the case of Altawitawi Nickel Corporation (ANC) in the Philippines, which was awarded the “2020 Excellent Purchasing Case”, and shared the innovation practices of C&D Logistics in the procurement and marketing practices. He pointed out that the supply chain services of C&D Logistics could be flexibly adapted to the demands of customers and that different service elements be combined to produce tailored management solutions and meet different demands. The goal is to open up the upstream and downstream of the industry chain and co-create an ecosystem that leads to win-win cooperation.

      In the future, C&D Logistics will keep providing value-adding services that promote the efficiency and increment of the supply chain through constant innovations.

      As a supply chain operator and service provider, C&D Logistics has built long-term cooperation with customers from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia and other countries over the years, involving industrial chains related to the economy and people's livelihood including minerals, rubber, wine, agricultural products, cotton spinning, dairy products, etc. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of C&D Inc., C&D Logistics will always be committed to providing global customers with “LIFT supply chain services” that are grounded on four service elements, “Logistics”, “Information”, “Finance”, and “Trading”. We will strive to provide solutions and customized logistics service that integrates different resources in supply chain operations. 

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