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      The First Bentley 4S Center of C&D Auto in Guangxi Was Grandly Opened

      Date: 2020-12-21 | Source:C&D Automobile

      On December 18, 2020, the first Bentley authorized store of C&D Auto in Guangxi -- Bentley Nanning 4S Center was grandly opened. Mr. Kim Airey, Executive General Manager of Bentley Motors China, Hong Kong and Macau, Mr. Xue Pei, Bentley China Sales Regional Manager, and Mr. Bao Qingchen, Bentley after-sales Regional manager, Mr. Li Jun, Director of Bentley Jiangnan Bureau of Economy, Trade and Information, Secretary of the Party Group and Secretary of the Party Committee,

      Mr. Chen Dongxu, Chairman of Xiamen C&D Automobile Co., LTD., Mr. Xie Feiyu, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen C&D Automobile Co., LTD., Mr. Guo Nanqing, General Manager of Bentley Nanning 4S Center witnessed this important moment together with the guests and media guests.

      Bentley Nanning 4S Center is located in No. 100-1 Baisha Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning city, with a construction area of 5,123 square meters. It is the third Bentley 4S center under the banner of C&F, and the second 4S store of C&D Auto in Guangxi region after Porsche. The spacious modern exhibition hall displays the latest Bentley models, and customers can feel the exquisite handicraft tradition from Britain. At the same time, the exhibition hall is equipped with a powerful private customization area, which provides a variety of body colors and interior decoration choices. Customers can participate in the design of cars that fully reflect the owner's personal style according to their personal preferences, so that the ultimate customization is within reach.

      Bentley, as the "royal car", has the introverted and elegant characteristics of British gentlemen, as well as the characteristics of luxury and sports. Over the course of a century, Bentley has built a unique British luxury brand with unparalleled craftsmanship, inherited traditional technology, outstanding engineering design and superior technology of its peers.

      C&D Auto has been deeply engaged in the industry for 20 years, and has always maintained its brand tonality and strategic determination, and continuously experienced the market operation experience of luxury and super luxury brands. Adhering to the service concept of " Treat cars professionally and treat people sincerely", Bentley Nanning will provide the general owners of Bentley automobile global unified special service, and deliver the pure brand culture of Bentley.

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